Organic Huangshan MaoJian

  • Brand: DIAMEA
  • Item Form: Organic Huangshan MaoJian Green Tea Loose Leaves
  • Flavor: Aroma
  • Tea Variety: Green Tea Loose Leaves
  • Brewing Qty: 3g/cup
  • Water Temperature: 100°C (212°F)
  • Time: 3-5 Minutes

Warranty Guarantee

  • Check Mark NO GMO Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Check Mark 100% Organic Certificated by USDA and Euro-leaf
  • Check Mark Orginal Place: Mount Huangshan,China


Huangshan Maojian tea is a type of Chinese green tea known for its unique characteristics. Here are some features of Huangshan Maojian tea:

  1. Origin: Huangshan Maojian tea is grown in the Huangshan Mountains, located in Anhui Province, China. The high-altitude and misty climate of the region contribute to its distinctive flavor.
  2. Appearance: The tea leaves of Huangshan Maojian are thin, tightly curled, and have a slightly twisted shape. They are usually covered in fine white hairs, giving the leaves a silvery or grayish-green appearance.
  3. Flavor and aroma: Huangshan Maojian tea is prized for its delicate yet refreshing flavor and aroma. It has a distinct chestnut-like taste with a hint of sweetness. The aroma is often described as vegetal, floral, and slightly nutty.
  4. Brewing: To fully enjoy the flavors of Huangshan Maojian tea, it is recommended to use water at around 75-85°C and steep the leaves for about 2-3 minutes. The leaves can be brewed multiple times, with subsequent infusions bringing out different layers of flavor.
  5. Health benefits: Like other green teas, Huangshan Maojian contains antioxidants that may aid in overall well-being. It is believed to have potential health benefits such as improving digestion, boosting metabolism, and reducing the risk of heart disease.
  6. a glass of Huangshan Maojian tea
    Huangshan Maojian Brewed effect

Overall, Huangshan Maojian tea is highly regarded for its unique flavor profile, delicate appearance, and the natural beauty and serenity of its place of origin.